Mar. 4th, 2004 12:06 pm
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I have at least two friends who are massively depressed now, and a few more than have become totally silent around me and I don't know why.

To depressed friends, remember this: "caring knows not distance" (said by me). I depend on the fact that you - my friends - are out there, and that you care, no matter the distances between us.

Feeling drained a lot and sleeping a lot. Though without that infection keeping me down I'm a lot more mobile, able to walk around a lot more and do stuff. Chairs are my enemies though. I hate chairs. All chairs should be torn out and replaced with beds. The world needs more beds. :)
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Saw my MD yesterday, and got a cream for the itch and a pill for the bug that was causing it. Doing better today. trying to spend today catching up on work and things. May work on catching up on LJ entries tomorrow or something. I have a To-Do list that's really long and the stress is not making my recovery any easier.
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Not sleeping well. Finally got rid of the itch by shaving all of the regrowth of hair from the surgery site. Despite all this it appears to be healing up well. Since over-the-counter pain drugs are cheaper and my prescription ones are all gone, I've been slowly stepping up the interval between taking the over-the-counter pain meds in the hopes of no longer having periods of the day laying in bed writhing in pain beating my head and fists into the walls. But the itch was the worst part. So far shaving the area seems to have solved that.

Gonna try reaching my regular MD again today, but so far not a single one of my messages has gotten a reply from them. Not like I have the money to pay her for an office visit anyway since I'm out of work, but hey - there's the phone right?

Aayirck gave me a surprise get-well cake! I wow floored! Wow! :) Ice cream and everything....
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Bad bad painfully bad itching all over the sutures. Bar soap dries it out. Hydrocortizone makes it 3,000 times worse and makes it bleed. Neosporin kinda helps a little but not well and not very long. When I was a kid I had an allergy to Bacitracin (a component in neosporin) and used a Vitamin E gel instead. Can't find any Vitamin E gels now. In a lot of pain and discomfort. Hurts to move around. Hurts to walk or carry.

Got flowers from one of my therapists. Kenny and Beth Mitchroney came by to seem me last night. Hope to see Aayrick today. Crissa keeps wanting me to go over to her place, but it really hurts too much to walk to go even three doors down.

Having trouble keeping up with all the missed Lj entries. Just trying to keep reading the current ones.
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I'm at an internet cafe in a small burb of Montreal. While I have been keeping a journal of my trip, I can't upload my file of my journal, so here's a quick summary for now.

I'm doing fine at the moment, but I have no access to the Internet at all from the residence or at the hospital, so I won't be able to do this again until I get home. No net, no wireless, and barred from using the phone line for data. The schedule goes a little like this - I met the doctor yesterday, was touristy today, get all prepped and go into the hospital tomorrow, and then get operated on monday. I get home on the 26th. Operation will probably be in the morning on Monday, and should take 2-3 hours.

The information I gave in my last entry is accurate for the residence I'm staying at, and so it is the best way to get ahold of me. Also, I have my cell phone for those that have that number. So far I have heard nothing from the gargcon folks. They are supposed to be about and some said they wanted to see me, but so far I haven't heard or seen a thing from them. Not sure if that's this weekend or next. I hope to hear from them at some point, since Tanan and Lisa are the only ones here I know, and I'll be pretty bored once I'm in recovery. :)

In the meantime... I'm doing fine. How's Montreal? Uh... it's like Omaha... only in french. This whole machine is in french. I thought Canada was a province of England.... but it's Quebec. Who understands Quebecois? Not I. :)

If I don't hear from you sooner, see ya on the 26th. :)
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Okie dokie - packing is done, refilled the cellular phone, got my meds, and everything is ready. Tanan brought home the tibook with it's screen fixed, so it is going with me as an MP3 player and typewriter, and perhaps dumb internet terminal if I can establish a connection.

Here is the information about where I will be. I will be leaving early early tomorrow morning and returning late on February 26th. Visiting me in Montreal would be very welcome by those that will be there, but I'm trying to discourage the sending of stuff, as I have to turn around and bring it home with me and space will be tight as it is.

Dasha Ariel Clancey
C/O La Maison de l'Ile
20 Chemin des Iles Yale
St-Eustache, QC J7P 5M6
(450) 623-8837

In the meantime, more reason Eisner should be ousted.


Feb. 8th, 2004 01:07 pm
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How do I make phone posts to livejournal if I'm in Montreal?
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went shopping for most of the stuff for the hospital stay today
looked at big ski coats
i should have bought a good ski coat in Utah - they are so expensive here
hope to maybe see Alendria and Crissa before the trip
gotta go through the garage looking my birth certificate
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Well, busy week - been getting stuff together for Thursday. Still gots lotsa stuff to do, but took yesterday off to visit friends in Berkeley. Saw Lisa and Laura, which is great because I haven't spent time really like this with Laura in a couple years. Everyone was in good spirits, we had Thai food, and went to two different bookstores. Bought some stuff for [ profile] perrrfect_angel. I will try and be on AIM/ICQ when I can this week, or at least today-wens.

More to follow for the Horizons folks, in the protected HZ entry.
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Depression. I'm not working. I filled out the unemployment claim. Now I'm cleaning the kitchen. I don't really care about doing anything productive or useful. Don't care about playing computer games. Don't care about eating. Don't care about very much at all right now. I may just go back to bed. Just thought I'd share. Go ahead and ignore this.
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Okay, the job I've been with since before Christmas has let me know that today is my last day here. Which is too bad because I was just getting to like it here and it was paying as well as UMC. The story goes a little like this.

Last week I mentioned that a whole bunch of people got let go - aparently it was the whole finance department, except for one lady who is the finance data-entry drone. Well, since there is no more finance department, the 'General Manager' comes down from on high on friday and says 'You! Lowly ex-finance data entry drove! You will now do data entry for the ENTIRE Redwood City offices!'

Obviously, she's going to be swamped and overloaded. My boss realized that. He dresses and smells like a hobo, but he's a nice guy.

My Boss: "But, Mr. General Manager, we need this lady here doing our data entry, she's gotten us out of a really bad hole!"

But the General Manager had spoken. So I'm cleaning off my IM and MU* apps from this machine, and putting all my files on my little USB flashdisk. This could be a blessing in disguise, considering next week.

My boss gave me his contact info (including his home phone number) to use as a reference, and let me know that Globalware's IT department is hiring, forwarded my resume to them, and feels confident they will be giving me a call in the next couple weeks.

However, I'm upset that this did not last all they way up to next week. That's a week and a few days pay I won't get. As a result, tonight will be dedicated to taking out frustrations on a computer game.
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Victory is mine, sweet victory. Called Microsoft last night. I waited on hold on their Brazil-or-India-or-whatever-it-is-now call line for 30-40 minutes before I spoke to a live voice, I gave them the confirmation number, they gave me a number to plug in, and the activation was completed. I sure hope I don't have to do that every time I have to nuke the hard drive for whatever reason. In any case, it's supposedly 100% legal now and the stupid pester messages went away. [ profile] shaunpup, you need to start pesterin' me to install the C&C games and see how they run, and come see if you can figure out the deal with the DDRRAM not clocking right. I need to try a bios reset at some point and see if that helps. :>

RAINY day today. Looks like a Northern California spring - pouring rain. I don't mind... I come from Washington state where this is piddly for a spring rain. Compared to this, spring rains in Washington are a DELUGE. If we had those here, the Bay Area would drown and wash out to sea. ;)

In a good mood today. Going to see CASABLANCA at the Paramount tonight with a whole bunch of friends, then off to the Amtrak yard for the annual rail trip to Reno and back! Won't see any of ye this weekend, so sayonara for now, and see you again on monday! :)

Next week: Shopping for GRS madness. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. >O.o
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Oooooooookay.... what's this little popup thing at the bottom of the screen saying I need to activate my copy of WindowsXP? Pardon me if I'm a little new to XP, but if a person bought this and it came in a sealed package, then once it's installed, it's activated, right? Well I click on it, and it says to call or try it online. Tried it online. It says I've exceeded the 25-or-whatever uses for this CD key, and need to purchase a new CD key.

WTF?!!!! So now your copy of windows is only good for 25 reinstalls? And this one comes with ZERO? And I have to give Microsoft MORE MONEY than what was paid at purchase, within 30 days, or else what happens? My copy of XP will stop working? WTF?!!! And Microsoft wonders WHY it has customer service problems! When I got this from [ profile] revar, he said it was a free and clear CD key, never been used, as good as fresh out of the packaging, and I'm inclined to believe him. Now what do I do?

I put in two DDR400 RAM sticks of the same size, and the startup screen tells me they are DDR266. I try DDR333 - still insists it's DDR266. I've looked through the bios and can't figure out where to tell it that it's actually a faster speed of DDR manually. In frustration, I slapped in three sticks of actual DDR266 since that's the fastest it'll give me.

Beyond those two problems, it seems to run fine. One thing that really impressed me was how easy it was to update drivers and things. I got the nForce2 drivers and the GeForceFX drivers for Windows XP from the Nvidia website, and then started with the nForce drivers. The nForce drivers not only installed almost all the motherboard resource controller drivers, but it also saw 'Hey! You have an NVidia Video card! Here's the drivers for that too!' and so I never needed to put in the video card drivers - it took care of almost all the driver installation for me in one file - one reboot. A driver installer that is intelligent, and only requires ONE FILE to do everything. Sweet Goddess I love them NVidia folks.

I also had amazingly good luck with the Creative drivers. Creative makes great cards, but it's drivers are PAIN. The drivers work real well, but you have to install the drivers from the CD, and then three seperate patch files IN A CERTAIN ORDER from the website and with the CD in the drive.

I installed iTunes for Windows, and it crashed five times within the 30 minutes I tried to use it. Typical Windows. Some things never change.
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Have I mentioned before how much I hate FRYS Associates? I have? Well, good.

So the motherboard with the malfunctioning center RAM slot went back to Frys last night. They pull out their playwood computer, where they lay down the mobo, plug in video card, processor, power supply, and a ram stick, and turn it on to see if it works. Of course it worked - he was using a GOOD RAM slot, and only one stick, just like I've been doing for the last two weeks. He then told me he had no problems with the board in the same attitude as one would say "You stupid little girl, you are such a filthy liar." I told him to try two sticks, and he'd see the problem I was having. He refused, insisting the board was fine. What a JERK!!!

But we swapped it for a more expensive board that A. had no returns on the shelf, and B. [ profile] shaunpup suggested to me as being a good one. It's the A-bit NF7. I had had some reservations about the increased price and the fact that I just RETURNED an A-bit, but the ECS in the range I needed was all sold out, and the Shuttle brand boards were the brand I just got DONE with the IDE and everything else dying on. Installed the board, XP couldn't handle the hardware change, so nuked the drive, and reinstalled XP. We'll see how the driver reinstallation goes tonight.

Laundry tonight or tomorrow night. Gone this weekend on the private car trip to Reno. Craving Sushi again, ARGH! Down, down foul sushi cravings!!
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I FOUND GATHERING 2004 FLYERS ON THE FC FLYER TABLE! And I didn't even put them there! YAAAAAY!!! I picked one up just as a souvenir, even though I'm already prereged for Gargcon.

Oi gevalt! Now that the dealer's room is all over and done with, Yarf did pretty well, and [ profile] alendria's DVDs sold great. She came with like 20 of them, and 16 sold. I didn't really see that much this year at the dealer's room I wanted. I sat on the Horizons radio stream the whole time and worked on my Horizons fanfics, and occasionally chatted with folks on instant messenging. Had a GREAT dinner with Alendria, Crissa, Nynevae, Aayrick, Tanan, and they learned what a whore I am for chocolate. :) But Chip Unicorn let me have one of his chocolate mint truffles. :) I probably won't be back for day five, since I have to work all day today.

Never got painted, even though I had all this costume stuff ready. Oh was I miffed. They couldn't get their act together and get organized, and one of that group spent half an hour ranting at me about how much they HATE Further Confusion because we insisted on seeing ID when reg'ing and how he'd never help out on FC staff ever again and that we treated him horribly. I pointed out that he got treated the same way I was treated last year when I was running an event track, and felt the same way. "OH I'LL NEVER COME BACK! I'LL NEVER DO AN FC EVER AGAIN!" Left a sour taste in my mouth for the costuming group.

Sorry if I seem grumpy - I'm off meds prior to surgery next month. It's like a two-week long PMS. So I appologize to folks iRL in advance. Or whatever.

On to funner stuff: HORIZONS NEWS

I logged on for a few minutes saturday night and that was about it this weekend, but I did hear back from the folks at the Istarian Times - a new monthly online newsletter that the folks at Tazoon.Com want to put on, and I was named Herald of the Spirit Shard. So I get to write and print monthly columns about life and community on the Spirit Shard.

Teusday night after my dentist appointment is when I plan to tear out the new ABIT motherboard and run back to frys, exchange it, and try and find something that actually WORKS. All I need is a socket A motherboard that'll run DDR RAM, and my 1.2 and 1.6 GHz processors. I don't need onboard sound. I don't need onboard LAN. I don't need onboard video. All I want is a motherboard that WORKS and works WELL. Am I asking too much of PCs in this? All through this I have been doing email, playing Warcraft3, and playing music on my mac, and haven't had a single problem with it. Why do I have so many problems with PCs? Why do PCs hate me so? *grump* I'd buy another copy of Horizons if they'd come out with a Mac OS X version. It would run better too without all that DirectX bugginess, running on pure OpenGL. I mean we have American McGee's Alice for OSX, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Halo, Shadowbane, Warcraft III, C&C Generals in development... why not Horizons?
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Well, I'm here on my vacation, in the dealer's room selling Yarf!s, I've got a 20" imac and an 802.11g card pulling in the wireless network, so I've got Horizon's Radio streaming through iTunes and just rolling the rock by as I work on some Horizons fanfics and chatting on instant messenger. *waves to the HZradio folks!* I wanna try and get some of my fanfics that I've done so far cleaned up and put together into one consistent story, but that's not easy since they are nothing but a collection of scenes. No costume yet - the folks I was going to put the costume together with haven't got their act together yet, so I'm running the table.

At home we found out my PC's motherboard has a REAL PROBLEM. This is the brand new Abit! The center DDR RAM slot is totally messed up, and as a result I can only use one stick at a time. I have two sticks of DDR400 (512 MB each), three sticks of DDR266 (512 MB each, again), and the one stick of DDR333 (512 MB also). The only one that I can get to work is the DDR333 alone or one DDR400 alone.

More Later... gotta go be a panelist for a bit...

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