Jan. 12th, 2004

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*yawn* good morning all. i'm here at work and i'm too tired to capitalize correctly, so today's entry is entirely capital-free! yay! (yes i'm being lazy. so sue me. i'm at work.)

lesse. we barely made rent this month, and fc is coming up at the end of the month, so we're having to really cut down costs to make it through this month. this wasn't helped by the pc going dead. airline tickets were bought, and the final $6K check for montreal is being cut. we're cutting back on a lot of expenses. no hotel room for fc this year - can't afford it, and we only live ten minutes away anyway. we're avoiding unneccessary driving around to reduce gas costs and so on. i am reminded of tanan's sister's husband's philosophy of finance:

me: sorry, we can't afford that this month
tanan's sister's husband: well you've still got checks, don't you?
me: yeah....?
tanan's sister's husband: then you've still got money.
me: *baffled at the incompetant stupidness of that statement...* dude...... whatever.

i invested $100 for a new video card, and tanan invested $100 for the new motherboard. sure enough, it was my old faithful motherboard that was the culprit. dwayne stuart from fc staff contributed a 2ghz amd processor and a stick of 512mb ddr ram to the project, which culminated in my being able to get it back up and running. As a result, the machine was the emergency expense we didn't expect, and we have all the parts to build another machine for tanan, but i'll need another amd motherboard to replace the one that died, and i can use the old 1.2 chip on it and upgrade tanan's 500 mhz pentium3 past the gigahertz barrier and from pc100 (which i have very little of) to pc133 ram (which i have in excess).

tanan says the only reason he helped get the motherboard replaced was to keep me from moping about not being able to get online with the game. i think i was mopy about other things, and that tanan just wanted his machine upgraded in the fallout of getting mine fixed - which is the plan at this point. tanan's gaming pc was acting funny and crashing last night. i was just glad to get my machine fixed was all - i must have looked so haggard to shaun when he came over yesterday - after spending hours on the thing over the past three or four days trying to fix it.

well, i get the machine fixed, pop onto horizons, and suddenly people are shouting in the chat channels about a 'world event' going on in aughundell. i pop over to aug and sure enough there are lvl 45 ogres towering over fields full of human plays that are all fighting the ogres - all at once. lllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggg ccccccccciiiiiiiiiittttttttttyyyyyyyy....... i lost count of how many death points i accrued. i think it was five on saturday night and then eight on sunday night. because i was like the lowest-level character on the battlefield, all the baddies went straight for me as the easy kill. now half these 20+ lvl players have the resurrection ability, so as soon as i'd die i immediately was alive and fighting again, heavier by one more death point. i levelled in both cleric and scout school during all this. lotta xp to be had fighting these beasties. it sure is nice to be able to take on lvl 10 zombies outside kion as target practice on my own and not get killed. so now it's time to go back to a week of work and by next weekend all those deathpoints should be expired. :)


Jan. 12th, 2004 09:21 am
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have i mentioned that the people at work never shower and always smell like stinky shoes?

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