Jan. 9th, 2004

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Prerequisites: 128 MB DDR video memory, NVIDIA, 5200 model or better, must be $100 or less.

Compusa.Com: $99.99 (PNY)
Buycomp.Com: $87.49 (PNY)
Amazon.com: Not Found
Pixelusa.com: $78.00 (ASUS)
Computerwarehouse.com: $86.05 (Aopen)
Computerwarehouse.com: $83.35 (eVGA)
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That's right, work moved me into a real office today, with a computer that actually have more RAM than 32MB. I have a real desk. So I can actually do work, look at my email, chat with friends, and talk on Furrymuck AT THE SAME TIME! How's that for cool? I share it with three other people but at least it has walls now instead of chainlink fences, real glass windows, and a big steel door that I can close. And it's warm! And I have a new spaceheater if it does get cold. Heh. This job is getting almost livable. Of course that's usually the point it gets yanked out from under me, but I'm holding out hopes.

Yes, so far today makes up for yesterday. We'll see if I have any more luck with the wee beastie when I get home tonight. In the meantime... ganked from sapphers...

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