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Not sleeping well. Finally got rid of the itch by shaving all of the regrowth of hair from the surgery site. Despite all this it appears to be healing up well. Since over-the-counter pain drugs are cheaper and my prescription ones are all gone, I've been slowly stepping up the interval between taking the over-the-counter pain meds in the hopes of no longer having periods of the day laying in bed writhing in pain beating my head and fists into the walls. But the itch was the worst part. So far shaving the area seems to have solved that.

Gonna try reaching my regular MD again today, but so far not a single one of my messages has gotten a reply from them. Not like I have the money to pay her for an office visit anyway since I'm out of work, but hey - there's the phone right?

Aayirck gave me a surprise get-well cake! I wow floored! Wow! :) Ice cream and everything....
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