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Bad bad painfully bad itching all over the sutures. Bar soap dries it out. Hydrocortizone makes it 3,000 times worse and makes it bleed. Neosporin kinda helps a little but not well and not very long. When I was a kid I had an allergy to Bacitracin (a component in neosporin) and used a Vitamin E gel instead. Can't find any Vitamin E gels now. In a lot of pain and discomfort. Hurts to move around. Hurts to walk or carry.

Got flowers from one of my therapists. Kenny and Beth Mitchroney came by to seem me last night. Hope to see Aayrick today. Crissa keeps wanting me to go over to her place, but it really hurts too much to walk to go even three doors down.

Having trouble keeping up with all the missed Lj entries. Just trying to keep reading the current ones.
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