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Okie dokie - packing is done, refilled the cellular phone, got my meds, and everything is ready. Tanan brought home the tibook with it's screen fixed, so it is going with me as an MP3 player and typewriter, and perhaps dumb internet terminal if I can establish a connection.

Here is the information about where I will be. I will be leaving early early tomorrow morning and returning late on February 26th. Visiting me in Montreal would be very welcome by those that will be there, but I'm trying to discourage the sending of stuff, as I have to turn around and bring it home with me and space will be tight as it is.

Dasha Ariel Clancey
C/O La Maison de l'Ile
20 Chemin des Iles Yale
St-Eustache, QC J7P 5M6
(450) 623-8837

In the meantime, more reason Eisner should be ousted.
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