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Victory is mine, sweet victory. Called Microsoft last night. I waited on hold on their Brazil-or-India-or-whatever-it-is-now call line for 30-40 minutes before I spoke to a live voice, I gave them the confirmation number, they gave me a number to plug in, and the activation was completed. I sure hope I don't have to do that every time I have to nuke the hard drive for whatever reason. In any case, it's supposedly 100% legal now and the stupid pester messages went away. [livejournal.com profile] shaunpup, you need to start pesterin' me to install the C&C games and see how they run, and come see if you can figure out the deal with the DDRRAM not clocking right. I need to try a bios reset at some point and see if that helps. :>

RAINY day today. Looks like a Northern California spring - pouring rain. I don't mind... I come from Washington state where this is piddly for a spring rain. Compared to this, spring rains in Washington are a DELUGE. If we had those here, the Bay Area would drown and wash out to sea. ;)

In a good mood today. Going to see CASABLANCA at the Paramount tonight with a whole bunch of friends, then off to the Amtrak yard for the annual rail trip to Reno and back! Won't see any of ye this weekend, so sayonara for now, and see you again on monday! :)

Next week: Shopping for GRS madness. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. >O.o
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