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Have I mentioned before how much I hate FRYS Associates? I have? Well, good.

So the motherboard with the malfunctioning center RAM slot went back to Frys last night. They pull out their playwood computer, where they lay down the mobo, plug in video card, processor, power supply, and a ram stick, and turn it on to see if it works. Of course it worked - he was using a GOOD RAM slot, and only one stick, just like I've been doing for the last two weeks. He then told me he had no problems with the board in the same attitude as one would say "You stupid little girl, you are such a filthy liar." I told him to try two sticks, and he'd see the problem I was having. He refused, insisting the board was fine. What a JERK!!!

But we swapped it for a more expensive board that A. had no returns on the shelf, and B. [livejournal.com profile] shaunpup suggested to me as being a good one. It's the A-bit NF7. I had had some reservations about the increased price and the fact that I just RETURNED an A-bit, but the ECS in the range I needed was all sold out, and the Shuttle brand boards were the brand I just got DONE with the IDE and everything else dying on. Installed the board, XP couldn't handle the hardware change, so nuked the drive, and reinstalled XP. We'll see how the driver reinstallation goes tonight.

Laundry tonight or tomorrow night. Gone this weekend on the private car trip to Reno. Craving Sushi again, ARGH! Down, down foul sushi cravings!!
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