Feb. 2nd, 2004

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Okay, the job I've been with since before Christmas has let me know that today is my last day here. Which is too bad because I was just getting to like it here and it was paying as well as UMC. The story goes a little like this.

Last week I mentioned that a whole bunch of people got let go - aparently it was the whole finance department, except for one lady who is the finance data-entry drone. Well, since there is no more finance department, the 'General Manager' comes down from on high on friday and says 'You! Lowly ex-finance data entry drove! You will now do data entry for the ENTIRE Redwood City offices!'

Obviously, she's going to be swamped and overloaded. My boss realized that. He dresses and smells like a hobo, but he's a nice guy.

My Boss: "But, Mr. General Manager, we need this lady here doing our data entry, she's gotten us out of a really bad hole!"

But the General Manager had spoken. So I'm cleaning off my IM and MU* apps from this machine, and putting all my files on my little USB flashdisk. This could be a blessing in disguise, considering next week.

My boss gave me his contact info (including his home phone number) to use as a reference, and let me know that Globalware's IT department is hiring, forwarded my resume to them, and feels confident they will be giving me a call in the next couple weeks.

However, I'm upset that this did not last all they way up to next week. That's a week and a few days pay I won't get. As a result, tonight will be dedicated to taking out frustrations on a computer game.

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