Jan. 29th, 2004

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Oooooooookay.... what's this little popup thing at the bottom of the screen saying I need to activate my copy of WindowsXP? Pardon me if I'm a little new to XP, but if a person bought this and it came in a sealed package, then once it's installed, it's activated, right? Well I click on it, and it says to call or try it online. Tried it online. It says I've exceeded the 25-or-whatever uses for this CD key, and need to purchase a new CD key.

WTF?!!!! So now your copy of windows is only good for 25 reinstalls? And this one comes with ZERO? And I have to give Microsoft MORE MONEY than what was paid at purchase, within 30 days, or else what happens? My copy of XP will stop working? WTF?!!! And Microsoft wonders WHY it has customer service problems! When I got this from [livejournal.com profile] revar, he said it was a free and clear CD key, never been used, as good as fresh out of the packaging, and I'm inclined to believe him. Now what do I do?

I put in two DDR400 RAM sticks of the same size, and the startup screen tells me they are DDR266. I try DDR333 - still insists it's DDR266. I've looked through the bios and can't figure out where to tell it that it's actually a faster speed of DDR manually. In frustration, I slapped in three sticks of actual DDR266 since that's the fastest it'll give me.

Beyond those two problems, it seems to run fine. One thing that really impressed me was how easy it was to update drivers and things. I got the nForce2 drivers and the GeForceFX drivers for Windows XP from the Nvidia website, and then started with the nForce drivers. The nForce drivers not only installed almost all the motherboard resource controller drivers, but it also saw 'Hey! You have an NVidia Video card! Here's the drivers for that too!' and so I never needed to put in the video card drivers - it took care of almost all the driver installation for me in one file - one reboot. A driver installer that is intelligent, and only requires ONE FILE to do everything. Sweet Goddess I love them NVidia folks.

I also had amazingly good luck with the Creative drivers. Creative makes great cards, but it's drivers are PAIN. The drivers work real well, but you have to install the drivers from the CD, and then three seperate patch files IN A CERTAIN ORDER from the website and with the CD in the drive.

I installed iTunes for Windows, and it crashed five times within the 30 minutes I tried to use it. Typical Windows. Some things never change.

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