Jan. 26th, 2004

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I FOUND GATHERING 2004 FLYERS ON THE FC FLYER TABLE! And I didn't even put them there! YAAAAAY!!! I picked one up just as a souvenir, even though I'm already prereged for Gargcon.

Oi gevalt! Now that the dealer's room is all over and done with, Yarf did pretty well, and [livejournal.com profile] alendria's DVDs sold great. She came with like 20 of them, and 16 sold. I didn't really see that much this year at the dealer's room I wanted. I sat on the Horizons radio stream the whole time and worked on my Horizons fanfics, and occasionally chatted with folks on instant messenging. Had a GREAT dinner with Alendria, Crissa, Nynevae, Aayrick, Tanan, and they learned what a whore I am for chocolate. :) But Chip Unicorn let me have one of his chocolate mint truffles. :) I probably won't be back for day five, since I have to work all day today.

Never got painted, even though I had all this costume stuff ready. Oh was I miffed. They couldn't get their act together and get organized, and one of that group spent half an hour ranting at me about how much they HATE Further Confusion because we insisted on seeing ID when reg'ing and how he'd never help out on FC staff ever again and that we treated him horribly. I pointed out that he got treated the same way I was treated last year when I was running an event track, and felt the same way. "OH I'LL NEVER COME BACK! I'LL NEVER DO AN FC EVER AGAIN!" Left a sour taste in my mouth for the costuming group.

Sorry if I seem grumpy - I'm off meds prior to surgery next month. It's like a two-week long PMS. So I appologize to folks iRL in advance. Or whatever.

On to funner stuff: HORIZONS NEWS

I logged on for a few minutes saturday night and that was about it this weekend, but I did hear back from the folks at the Istarian Times - a new monthly online newsletter that the folks at Tazoon.Com want to put on, and I was named Herald of the Spirit Shard. So I get to write and print monthly columns about life and community on the Spirit Shard.

Teusday night after my dentist appointment is when I plan to tear out the new ABIT motherboard and run back to frys, exchange it, and try and find something that actually WORKS. All I need is a socket A motherboard that'll run DDR RAM, and my 1.2 and 1.6 GHz processors. I don't need onboard sound. I don't need onboard LAN. I don't need onboard video. All I want is a motherboard that WORKS and works WELL. Am I asking too much of PCs in this? All through this I have been doing email, playing Warcraft3, and playing music on my mac, and haven't had a single problem with it. Why do I have so many problems with PCs? Why do PCs hate me so? *grump* I'd buy another copy of Horizons if they'd come out with a Mac OS X version. It would run better too without all that DirectX bugginess, running on pure OpenGL. I mean we have American McGee's Alice for OSX, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Halo, Shadowbane, Warcraft III, C&C Generals in development... why not Horizons?

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