Jan. 24th, 2004

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Well, I'm here on my vacation, in the dealer's room selling Yarf!s, I've got a 20" imac and an 802.11g card pulling in the wireless network, so I've got Horizon's Radio streaming through iTunes and just rolling the rock by as I work on some Horizons fanfics and chatting on instant messenger. *waves to the HZradio folks!* I wanna try and get some of my fanfics that I've done so far cleaned up and put together into one consistent story, but that's not easy since they are nothing but a collection of scenes. No costume yet - the folks I was going to put the costume together with haven't got their act together yet, so I'm running the table.

At home we found out my PC's motherboard has a REAL PROBLEM. This is the brand new Abit! The center DDR RAM slot is totally messed up, and as a result I can only use one stick at a time. I have two sticks of DDR400 (512 MB each), three sticks of DDR266 (512 MB each, again), and the one stick of DDR333 (512 MB also). The only one that I can get to work is the DDR333 alone or one DDR400 alone.

More Later... gotta go be a panelist for a bit...

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