Jan. 23rd, 2004

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Snagged from Kya. It was short and simple - why not? Ask me this stuff a month later I'll have all different answers for you.

1. ...song?
Comic Castaway by Electrasy, from the Titan AE soundtrack. That song is my life condensed into four minutes.

2. ...food?
Right now? Hm. Probably Catepillar Rolls (Sushi).

3. ...tv show?
To quote Kya, "I. Don't. Watch. TV."

4. ...scent?
Don't have any. Too many friends with allergies.

5. ...quote?
Got lots. Right now it's "Cream and Catnip are all my body needs" (by me) and "I'm not bigoted - I hate everyone equally" (by other folks).

Okay, well day one of Further Confusion 2004 was a work day. Traffic was nasty as I got off work, so when I got home I was tired and grouchy and slept for a bit. Once Jeff got home, we boxed up Yarfs and went to the con. When I arrived, the registration line was non-existant, given they have maybe ten people with laptops working away. We stuffed our stuff under the Yarf table, and got my badge picked up. Hung out a bit with [livejournal.com profile] aayrick and other friends, just lightly socializing. I had TOLD Tanan I wanted to be in bed by 10. I had told this many times. By the time he finally got me home, I made it to bed by 11pm. I was unhappy with Tanan for that.

Today's schedule involved work until 4:30, get home, pick up stuff, go to the con, and then get painted. I'm looking for photos of clouded leopards right now, because that's what me and the airbrush artist Cat were talking about last night. Don't have the ear/tails to go with it, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Gotta use the GOOD paint this time to make sure it survives the weekend. I plan to hit up [livejournal.com profile] tugrik as soon as I can to do photos while the paint still looks it's best.

Work stuff

Jan. 23rd, 2004 01:56 pm
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Well, more people lost their jobs at my work. I'm wondering if I will be coming back here monday. I'd like to stay here at least a week more to try and make sure rent and stuff is covered before planing to Montreal. I expected them to ask me to do overtime this week, and they did - at about 2pm friday afternoon, wanting me to stay late. I told them I needed a few days notice at least before they pulled this stuff, and I really DO have things I have to be doing this evening, and I've already put in my 40 hours, so I turned him down on overtime, saying I'll be in first thing monday morning.

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